The Fiercely Gentle Workbook to Unapologetic Self Love

LOVED UP is a 40+ page digital workbook of sensual guidance on having the ultimate love affair…with yourself.

You will learn how to experience fierce self-love on the daily, through witchy rituals, illuminating exercises, and deep self inquiry.

  • 40+ pages full of sensual guidance on embracing a life of unapologetic self-love.
  • 8 transformative rituals to help you love yourself, even when you feel like sh*t.
  • Exercises to help you understand why self-care is needed and what practices actually work for YOU.
  • Quick, simple practices to help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine, making it consistent in your life.
  • Powerful, reflective prompts to get to the deep and core issues on why you may struggle with self-worth and self-doubt.

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