P*llow Talk 101

Gain the tools and courage to speak up about the sex life you really want.

P*illow Talk 101 is a live 2-part online workshop. In this special interactive class, Luna Dietrich helps you gain the tools and courage you need to speak up about the sex life and connection you really want.

In this workshop you'll be guided to...

  • Get in touch with what you desire, prefer, and need - and what the difference between these three is
  • Learn how to stay connected to yourself, your body, and a partner, when the conversation feels challenging
  • Move through triggers in a gentle and purposeful way
  • Cultivate more empathy for a partner and for yourself
  • Practice the basics of Non-Violent Communication
  • Connect with your emotions as the basis of any successful communication

Learning to express what it is you yearn to say, in a way that allows you to be heard by another, is the path to deeper connection and pleasure in your life.

For more information on this workshop and to help you figure out if it's a right fit for you, click here.

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Your Instructor

Luna Dietrich
Luna Dietrich

Course Curriculum

  Part 1:
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days after you enroll
  Part 2:
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days after you enroll
  Part 3:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it live to the workshop?
No worries! While I recommend that you carve out some time to attend the workshop live, you will receive a replay once it’s done. Should you have any specific questions, be sure to send them to me before the event, so that I can include them in the Q&A section of the class.
What if I can only make it to parts of the workshop?
This is also not a problem! You can come and go as you please and as you need. However, I recommend scheduling a time you can revisit the WHOLE class. I am offering an ABUNDANCE of info and tools. You don’t want to miss out.t.
Do I need a partner to do the workshop or benefit from it?
Nope. The tools and strategies I share are extremely beneficial to anyone no matter their relationship status.
Sounds great, but is this workshop heteronormative?
It's my goal not to be! Even though I am a cis woman, I have intentionally designed this workshop to be accessible to all different kinds of identities, genders, sexual orientations and styles of relationship. For example, there will be no talk of man/woman or any gender roles, there will be no exercises where genitals are connected to gender (except in personal stories), and there will be no encouragement for a certain dating style like polyamory vs. monogamy.
Can I have a refund after purchasing this workshop?
Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds won’t be possible after the live event has taken place. That’s why I ask that you are mindful while shopping.

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